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The majority of after-hours visits are the result of owners hoping that health problems will resolve during the day and then realizing the need for medical attention at night when there is no improvement. We urge clients to call our hospital with any questions or concerns about their pets’ health sooner rather than later.

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What to do in an Emergency if Weston Veterinary Hospital is Closed

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If your pet has ingested household poisons or toxic plants, contact the ASPCA Poison Control line at:


24-Hour assistance is available


1.      Try to stay calm.

2.      Approach any injured dog cautiously, even if it is your own! When animals are scared or in pain, they can bite even those they know. Talk calmly and move slowly.  

3.      Stop any major bleeding. Severe bleeding must receive immediate attention no matter what other injuries are present. Apply firm, direct pressure over the wound with a clean gauze, towel, handkerchief, or T-shirt. Avoid removing the bandage to check the wound because bleeding may start again.

4.      Be sure the nose and mouth are clear so that your pet can breathe freely.

5.      Call your veterinarian or emergency hospital as soon as possible.

6.      Before moving any injured dog, he or she should be muzzled. If you do not have a traditional muzzle, you can make one out of a 2-3 foot long thin strip of fabric. Loop the strip around the muzzle and place a knot on the underside of the muzzle; then bring the ends to the back of the head and tie a good knot. When moving your pet, avoid changing its position.

7.      Keep your pet’s body warm.

8.      Give no food or medications until your pet is examined.

If you have an emergency, a concern, or a question outside of our normal office hours, contact one of the following facilities:  

FIRST AID: What to do if your pet has been badly injured: