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The following links contain information on a variety of topics that may be helpful to pet owners. If you have additional questions relating to your pet's care or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at 715-359-4004.

Dog check up

Animal Health Information:  www.veterinarypartner.com

Articles on Pet Care:  www.aspca.org/pet-care 

Articles on Pet Care:  www.petplace.com

Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association:  www.wvma.org

Indoor Pet Initiative:  indoorpet.osu.edu 

Information on Drugs:  www.veterinarypartner.com 

Breed-specific health problems:  www.caninehealthinfo.org 

Epilepsy:  www.canine-epilepsy.com 

Cancer:  www.oncolink.org/types 

Zoonoses:  www.cdc.gov/healthypets 

Hip Dysplasia:  The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

Congenital Disorders:  Breed-specific Congenital Disorders

General Health Care

Check these helpful resources for additional support and information

American College of Veterinary Nutrition:  www.acvn.org/about-us/faq 

Ohio State University Nutrition information:  vet.osu.edu/nssvet

Cat Nutrition:  www.catinfo.org 

Homemade and Custom Diets:  www.petdiets.com

Nutrition Information

Cornell University Pet Loss Support Hotline:  www.vet.cornell.edu/Org/PetLoss/ 

Pet Loss Help:  www.petlosshelp.org

Articles and Books on Grief and Loss:  www.veterinarywisdompetparents.com/resource_center/grief 

Pet Loss Support Page:  www.pet-loss.net

Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement:  www.aplb.org

Grief and Pet Loss

Humane Organizations

Raptor Education Group in Antigo, WI (raptors and other birds)

Wild Instincts Rehab in Rhinelander, WI (takes various species)


Animal Behavior and Training

FAQ about Traveling with your Pet (AVMA)

Tips on Traveling with your Pet (HSUS)

Air Animal Pet Movers Pet moving services for relocating families

www.pettraveltransport.com Worldwide pet relocation service

Petswelcome.com Listing of pet-friendly hotels, B&Bs, campgrounds, and beaches

Take Your Pet Listing of pet-friendly accomodations

Traveling With Your Pet